ICD Game Community promises a breakthrough in the future


Blockchain Gaming Concept

Blockchain gaming are games that allow users to own items that have blockchain technology applied inside it. This is an innovation in the gaming industry because instead of using virtual currency like today's popular games and only controlled by a server, blockchain gaming allows players to own exclusively the items of the game themselves through NFT (Non-Fungible Token) coins. Each NFT represents an asset, character, pet… in the game and players can sell their NFTs for coins or tokens.
If you are a participant in the field of cryptocurrency, you are familiar with the term NFT, the most unique and irreplaceable token, built with the technology that encodes the smart contracts of the blockchain.

Today's Game Industry


Currently, most online games (online games) operate in a centralized model (one server and many clients). All related data is stored on a database on the server and Game developers can change the parameters of this online game at their sole discretion.
Gamer Data includes account information, activity history and  game assets collected by players (items and gold coins).
Cause the database is hosted on a centralized server, there are many limitations and vulnerabilities:
· Server problem due to overloaded transmission
· The system is infiltrated by hackers
· The game stops working during maintenance and upgrades
· Lack of transparency
· Games are operated with the main business model
In other words, executive power is always in the hands of game companies. But Blockchain technology can eliminate or reduce this problem.

The potential and trend of Blockchain Gaming in the future

Game Makers always have to deal with the problem of how to attract players in the long time to running. One of them is the fact that they release new updates and unique in-game items. Nowadays, blockchains gaming are born that bring items that not only bring experience value but also bring practical value. Imagine, how wonderful it would be if the item you plowed for a long time with only a very small amount of capital but over time could sell it for 100 times its original value.
In the past, there have been many blockchain gaming born, a typical example of which is CryptoKitties, a game launched on the Ethereum blockchain platform that has caused a huge storm in the crypto community, resulting in 5000 ETH being exchanged for game play every day.
At first, Blockchain gaming was merely item ownership and not much interactive, with the great development of technology and the NFT craze, blockchain gaming gradually becomes more diverse in terms of genres and ways of playing, this will definitely become a huge phenomenon, attracting a huge number of loyal players. Some typical names today are as follows:
• Farm game: My Neighbor Alice
• Pet game: Axie Infinity, DPET
• Horror game: FEAR
• Card Game: XWG

ICDeFi Game Community - ICD Game

This is a game based on Blockchain platform (NFT Gaming) built by ICDeFi Game team, in this game we can join and build our own investment business.Although launched later, with competitive advantages in terms of risk and low initial investment, we are confident that ICD Game Community will create a new wave in Blockchain. At the same time, it shows that this market can bring millions of dollars in income for users.

On the other hand, knowing and accessing the financial sector (DeFi) is not new to people around the world, not only that, but it is also a huge income channel for smart investors in the period when technology develops outstanding development. There are many people in other countries with low income but still have enough wifi and computers to participate in this game so it's understandable that ICD Game Community's coverage across the country will be in the future.
The gaming industry in general is growing strongly, according to Newzoo's data, at the current average growth rate, this market could reach 200 billion USD with 3 billion players by 2023. Meanwhile, the current total capitalization of the gaming industry in Blockchain is only ~5 billion USD, which is still quite small and has a lot of potential for growth.
In phase 6 of the ICD Token Roadmap chain, ICD game Community will be available on major distribution platforms such as Egame, Xbox, and Play Station. In addition to participating in Farming and Staking to earn BNB and ICD, the ICD Game Community is also an abundant and fast source of NFT ICDeFi creation that cannot be ignored to increase the accumulation of your ICD Token fund.