ICD DeFi – Affirm Global Artificial Intelligence Technology

ICD is an easy-to-use platform that allows investors to profit from the arbitrage of trading types based on data from the top 10 largest decentralized Exchanges. ICD is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) System. 

What is ICD Token?

ICD Token – The powerful NFT platform coin is a top priority for the development of global artificial intelligence in decentralized financial trading operating on the Ethereum Blockchain network (BEP-20).

Scheduled to launch in August 2021, ICD's parent company is based in the Australia



Bringing Artificial Intelligence to Decentralized Financial Exchanges.


ICDeFi leverages the power of blockchain technology to create a new direction in decentralized financial transactions.

AI and Blockchain are application trends to improve the efficiency of market connection, ensure security and safety for the financial and banking industry. 

That's because we choose these technologies and operate on the principle of analyzing huge amounts of data, capable of solving outstanding problems of the financial services sector.


ICD's global artificial intelligence technology Product.


ICDeFi AI Bot is a software that was born with the goal of making traders keep the profits of FINANCIAL EXCHANGES in their hands.

IC AI Bot will find, read, calculate and analyze the arbitrage data of all types of prices on the top 10 exchanges with the largest trading volume, especially the association with the world's leading exchange Binance, ICD's AI Bot confidently asserts a different position.

From the analyzed data, IC AI Bot will make trading decisions on the same currency pair in top 10 exchanges at the same time, both Buy and Sell orders make trader profit from trading ICD Tokens.



Overview of ICD Token


Name: ICD Token

Code: ICD

Platform technology: BEP-20

Total supply: 50,000,000 TOKEN

ICD TOKEN burning fund: 50%



Defi technology product development - NFT - Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Farming - Staking: 20% of Token reserves

Marketing, Airdrop: 5% of Token reserves

Founder and Developer: 5% of Token reserves

Private Sale and Presale: 20% of Token reserves


Hassle-Free Investments: 

Trader-friendly version

Provides the ability to lock in liquidity

100% of the lock fee is transferred to the Holders

100% of Swap fees are passed on to liquidity providers

ICD Token's NFT Fund focuses on developing global artificial intelligence technology


ICD TOKEN’s Advantages


IC Trade and ICD Token trading platform - Developed by the technology company International IC Defi Technologies with a professional team and experienced experts in the field of Blockchain technology. More specifically, the world's leading artificial intelligence technology.


  • Optimizing community profits

  • Completely Decentralized

  • Own NFT products through ICD TOKEN

  • Locked in long-term liquidity, avoiding speculation

  • Potential to increase price over time thanks to scarcity.

  • 100% account security

  • Liquidity and Fast Transaction Speed

  • Low transaction costs

  • Farming automatically up to 8%/month, 30% transaction fee is allocated to Holders in DeFi fund - BNB

  • Supported on major and reputable DeFi and NFT exchanges.




Stage 1: Start with ICD value 0.08$

  • Building a global ICD Coin ecosystem platform 

  • Build social channels Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Discord, Youtube, Support Channel...

  • Officially open for sale and launch the ICD platform globally through Seed Round, Private Sale, Presale...


Stage 2: Estimated ICD value 0.2$

  • Cooperating with reputable auditing units Certik, CTDsec, Techrate..

  • Development of ICD on DEX/Swap/Farm/Staking platform

  • Listing on Pancake Swap and 2 international DEXs


Stage 3: (ICD value 0.5$)

  • Research and development on NFT technology on Defi platform of ICD.

  • Research and development MarketPlace aims to buy, sell and develop NFTs in the form of artificial intelligence – Traders can create their own AI through the ICD platform

  • Launching ICD's Android and IOS App Platforms


Stage 4: (ICD value 1$)

  • Listing ICD on major international P2P exchanges like Binance, Huobi, Gate.io

  • Link to put ICD coins on crypto news sites like CoinMarketCap, Coinomi, LiveCoin Watch

  • Research and optimize technology about virtual reality games with artificial intelligence.


Stage 5: (ICD value 5$)

  • Launching a financial game called ICD game community in this game where we can join and build our own investment business, and completely on ICD's NFT platform

  • Establish representative offices in multinationals

  • Focus on developing charity fund and fund for global artificial intelligence technology research through auctions and patents.


Stage 6: (ICD value 10$)

  • Bringing ICD Game Community games to major distribution platforms like Egame, Xbox, Playstation

  • Develop more study promotion funds, support people who are passionate about technology and science to be able to study and develop methodically

  • Organize AI art and technology exhibitions around the world.


The above article has provided you with basic information about what ICD Token is. The market of virtual currency, digital currency, cryptocurrency is increasingly attractive, attracting more and more investors because of its long history, with NFT technology being very popular among traders. Although launched later, we believe that ICD coin will quickly conquer investors thanks to its advantages and differences.