Compare the hottest DeFi Coins 2021


When it comes to the creation of next-generation financial primitives, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) does just that. By leveraging open source software and composable frameworks, DeFi allows anyone in the world to utilize financial services in a trustless and transparent manner. Simply put, DeFi aims to remove intermediaries to provide the world with a globally inclusive financial system.

“One could envision decentralized finance impacting the financial world the same way that open-source software has changed software products.”
Below, we have created a high-level overview of the prominent sectors within the wider DeFi landscape along with reviews  of the prominent players we’ve covered. For more background on DeFi
To stay up these projects and much more
 Among them must be mentioned ICDEFI  (ICD TOKEN ) – a coin in the process of development.


Polkadot will enable a completely decentralized web where users are in control.
Polkadot is built to connect private and consortium chains, public and permissionless networks, oracles, and future technologies that are yet to be created. Polkadot facilitates an internet where independent blockchains can exchange information and transactions in a trustless way via the Polkadot relay chain.
Polkadot makes it easier than ever to create and connect decentralized applications, services, and institutions. By empowering innovators to build better solutions, we seek to free society from its reliance on a broken web where its large institutions can’t violate our trust.
Polkadot is Among the top 10 coins with the DEFI largest capitalization
  Limitless Scalability 
  Adaptable Consensus Mechanism 
  Cross-Chain Transactions 
   Defined Governance Mechanism 
  Pooled Security , Low transaction fees
Polkadot is competing with many other general-purpose, smart contracting, Proof of Stake blockchains like Tezos, Cosmos, and Cardano, to name a few, with industry-leading Ethereum already showing entrenched network effects.
Hackers have exploited code vulnerabilities twice, draining millions of dollars before being stopped. 
A limited number of parachains are available and slots are sold via auction, which may price out some smaller use cases.


What is PancakeSwap?

Pancakeswap is one of the first AMMs on BSC. The project was launched just a few days after the Binance Smart Chain mainnet.
The first product of the project is AMM Pancakeswap, a fork version of Uniswap V2. However, thanks to the BSC platform, the transaction time and transaction costs on Pancakeswap are very cheap compared to Uniswap, which has helped Pancakeswap attract a large number of small, low-capital investors.
Over time, besides AMM, the project has also developed more products to develop its platform, such as Syrup Pools, IFO, Lottery, Team Battle,... All of them are very successful and attract a large number of customers, investors to participate.
PancakeSwap has developed a nice suite of products on their platform that are advantageous to users. First, you have Syrup Pools (staking), where you can stake CAKE and earn CAKE or other available assets at an APR well over 50%. They just introduced an automatically compounding CAKE pool, so users do not have to manually harvest rewards and increase your stake.
Next there are the farms, where users can provide liquidity in the form of an asset pair such as CAKE and Binance Coin (BNB) in order to receive CAKE rewards. 
Finally, the exchange itself has low transaction costs and requires no KYC, meaning you can begin trading as long as you have funds in a supported wallet.
The disadvantages of PancakeSwap are essentially the same as with any other AMM, but really your only real risks are impermanent loss in yield farming, and gambling losses in the lottery or prediction games. Now, if you do not gamble with lottery or prediction, there is not a lot of risk.


ICD Token is a groundbreaking DeFi project aiming to radically disrupt the current NFT ecosystem by applying the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to the world of Non-Fungible Tokens.  
By combining artificial intelligence, NFTs and DeFi, ICD token will completely revolutionize the current blockchain adoption and help to further the global adoption of decentralized finance solutions.
Artificial intelligence and DeFi have a lot in common. Both of these revolutionary technologies rely on automation and high-end deterritorialization of complex processes, as they allow the removal of unnecessary human intermediaries and replacing them with automated solutions such as smart contracts. ICD Token combines DeFi and AI in a single, powerful platform designed with maximum profitability in mind.

A cryptocurrency that works for you – ICDEFI TOKEN 
ICD TOKEN burned over 50% of total supply 50.000.000 TOKEN . Coins are burned with every transaction, price can up and up so fast with more ecosystem such as farming, staking, game, NFT, Co – Brand Card, E-commerce, P2P lending 
Optimizing community profits
Completely Decentralized
Own NFT products through ICD TOKEN
Locked in long-term liquidity, avoiding speculation
Potential to increase price over time thanks to scarcity.
100% account security
Liquidity and Fast Transaction Speed
Low transaction costs
Farming automatically up to 8% per month, 30% transaction fee is allocated to Holders in DeFi fund - BNB
Supported on major and reputable DeFi and NFT exchanges.
ICDEFI launched later than other Coins
It’s in the process of launching and processing, so some hiccups are inevitable
The article is analyzed and evaluated in an objective way as well as according to the information I found out myself. Not trying to defame or demean anything, nor claim that this ICDEFI coin is worth the investment. That’s just advice for you to choose. Be smart, discerning investors. Good luck to you, see you in the next posts.